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We're Indie!

...It takes Courage to forge a new path...We're Indie...

    Thanks to:  The Grammy Awards  for recognizing 2008 Indie Artists!!!  we had to believe in Ourselves...when no one else did.   Applause Indie Artists of Music, and Film.  We're gettin' there....!

Watch for "Bedroom Eyes" on CDBaby.com and DigStation.com

...and the Re-Release of the benefit for COTLG of   "Blues Seas" with our Original name as: " ENCORE" featuring Amazonah Elam & MiMi FaithWalker...Vocalists & Producers before the launch of the MABYMUZIK Label.  (Our "first fruits" offering of Musical Talents to help with the building fund. circa 2000) 

We Love America

American Music: A World of Culture!!

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President T. Weston

President Tezo Weston  & LaShae

Maby Muzik Division

MiMi Faithwalker: Vocalist 

Gospel / Inspirational Project: "Heaven's Way"

Last CD: "Here We Go Again"  features 3 Originals by MiMi!

 Benefit CD for the Church of the Living God; Which He Purchased with his Own Blood, Inc. is : "Blue Seas" by Encore; a Digital Distribution Re-Release. Check for it on DigStation.com & CDBaby.com 

Maby Muzik Division
  1. www.IMDB.com www.BigThink.com (aka Nieholi Abradin)  www.welovefreemusic.com  www.YouTube.com/AmazonahElam2 Amazonah Elam: Vocalist/ Lyricist

Current Projects: Merkabah of Love CD   Have You Heard Our Latest CD?  "Here We Go Again" is ready for downloads!!!

                                  Blue Seas CD by Encore

                                  Heaven's Way ( Inspirational) CD

                                  Windows On The World ( Cable Access ECTV ; Channel 21 TWC) 

    New CD Release: "Bedroom Eyes" features 3 Country Selections and others all popular and no Originals by Amazonah Elam. 


Formerly of: "Steel City Band" & "StreetWalker Band" (Lorain, Ohio)


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